It’s been a fantastic year for racing – the first season of full competition since 2019. We’ve seen our supported riders loving life and stepping onto the podium a few times too! So we asked them for their top memories from 2022 and we think they sum up brilliantly what riding a bike is all about, whether you compete or not. 
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Sally Wright 
This summer has been full of so many amazing memories but the first one that really sticks in my mind is racing the EWS100 in June. Firstly, because it felt like a real achievement to complete such a big weekend on the bike surrounded by fast and talented riders at the top of their game, but also because it was the first time everything seemed to click into place and I felt like I was riding stronger and more confidently than I have done in a while. The second is less one memory but a memory from the whole of summer; seeing Harvey’s love for biking grow and the joy in his face when he manages to ride something new or when we all ride together and he has a massive grin on his face. 
Mat Wright 
For me my favourite memories of this year would have to be picking up my new bike, a Trek Slash, and heading straight off to Fort William to race. 
It was a new place for me to ride and we were blessed with stunning weather. The ride up is spectacular and we slept in the van on the top of Glencoe the first night. The sun was just setting and the views were incredible. The next day we practised in the sunshine and the whole weekend was just a vibe: new bike, new place and everyone was in one of those moods. It was truly a great experience. Following that, being able to share a couple of podiums this year with Harvey (pictured above with Mat) on my shoulders has felt amazing and to see the joy in his eyes from being involved and when we go biking with him melts my heart. I wish for a lifetime of these feelings with Harvey and Sally and hope it continues for ever. 
Peter Squires 
2022 has been a big year for me. Being able to retire early has meant that we have not been as restricted to when and where we can ride or compete. I had great plans to follow a proper training plan for the first time, however quickly realised that retirement was going to be a lot busier than first anticipated, going away in the camper more often and being able to spend a lot more time with family and friends. Spending a week away doing my first bike packing adventure in Scotland with my brother, eight years after agreeing to it, was something that particularly highlighted what was now possible. 
Jane Squires 
The majority of 2022 was still overshadowed by concerns over my health following my illness in 2019, as I was unable to ride as much or as hard as I wanted. However, having now recently and finally been given the all-clear (just before getting Covid 🙄) it is a huge relief that I can now look forward to adventures, races and general messing about on bikes over this autumn, winter and into 2023. 
Photo credit: Instagram @jwdtphotography 
Zech Walker 
I think my favourite memory of the year so far is actually the come back from my injury. In March I broke my radius in quite a bad way, and ended up having to have surgery to fix it. 
My first ride back was at the Boltby Bash Enduro. I missed practice because of work so I was racing blind and I had the BEST time doing it. The entire crew was there, some 30-odd people riding together having the best time! All those weeks seeing my friends riding killed me, and finally being able to ride again after some 12 weeks of the bike had a huge impact on me! 
We'll have a full programme of coverage from our supported riders as they compete in 2023 and share their tips and experiences. Watch out for updates on our Instagram and Facebook
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