Adapted bikes make cycling accessible to all. We have a wide range of bikes so that whatever personal challenges you or your loved ones may face we pride ourselves on finding a bike to meet your needs. 
Below is a brief overview of the bikes we have available to help you enjoy exploring Dalby Forest. Feel free to give us a call before booking to discuss your specific requirements to make sure we get you the best bike for your requirements, and any others in your party. If you call on 01751 460585 or email and let us have your full name, adapted bike of interest and best contact number, either Rob or Pete will call you back to discuss your requirements. 
Once you find the right bike for your needs you can book online and it will be ready and waiting for you at the time you requested. 

ICE Recumbent Trike with Electric Assist 

New to us this year we are excited to offer the ICE Adventure HD recumbent trike with electric assist, giving riders the power to explore further with ease. 
This really is an ICE cool piece of kit. Recumbent trikes are ideal for riders who prefer a lower centre of gravity or have balance issues. The seat is larger and more supportive than on other cycles and because the trike is close to the ground, if you want to go a bit faster, it provides an exhilarating sensation of speed, a bit like driving a sports car. 


Tandems can have two, three or four wheels. They are really social bikes and allow two people to ride together, it’s a great way to have a chat whilst enjoying the forest. We have standard two wheel tandems with one rider in front of the other and side-by-side tandems with three or four-wheels, allowing riders to sit next to each other. 
Tandems are particularly helpful for riders who have a visual impairment. Side-by-side tandems are designed so that the pedals work independently for each rider. This allows either rider to pedal more slowly or not at all. Two of our side-by-side tandems have arm rests and a harness to provide upper body support, if required. 

KMX Recumbent Trikes 

Recumbent trikes are great fun, and we have several adult and child KMX recumbent trikes in our fleet. They are ideal for riders who have balance issues, and their low center of gravity makes for an exciting ride. 

Small Child Trike with Support 

This tricycle is designed for younger riders who require body support. 
It is constructed from a strong yet lightweight frame and is fitted with an easy to pedal fixed gear. It has a seat that adjusts forwards and backwards as well as vertically and the handlebars can also be adjusted in height and angle to ensure the rider is in the optimum position for pedalling. It has added supports that assist the rider to maintain a safe and comfortable seating position. 

Hand Crank Trike 

Hand-powered cycles are like regular trikes except that they are powered by the arms and upper body, rather than the legs. These bikes are great for cyclists with limited or no lower body mobility, allowing them to ride independently.  
Hand-powered cycles are also a valuable option for people looking to build up their upper body strength. 

Standard Trikes – Large and Small 

For many people, trikes are the most comfortable and practical of all cycles, especially if you want to leave the car and pop out to get some shopping or just to enjoy a leisurely ride in the countryside. However the reality is that standard trikes take real skill to ride, and some people will not find them suitable.  
We have plenty of trikes of different sizes but if you’ve never ridden one, please try one before you book it for 3 hours. 

Wheelchair Transporter Bike 

Our large wheelchair transporter bike does exactly what it says. It allows wheelchairs, large or small, including electric wheelchairs, to be smoothly loaded onto the large platform at the front of the bike. Securing straps attach the wheelchair firmly and then you are ready to ride. 
Although this is a large bike it is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and remains a firm favourite with visiting groups, as no one is left behind. 

XCR - SPORT-ON Handcycle 

The Sport-On XCR Handcycle was created with cross-country use in mind. It is a lightweight and fast handcycle, featuring high-quality components, an aluminium frame, hydraulic disc brakes on all 3 wheels and a comfortable seat with an adjustable backrest. This bike will match the user’s expectations both when riding on paved roads and bumpy forest trails, stones, mud, sand, etc. Perfect for woods, meadows or parks, a fast ride on the asphalt or a trip around the countryside and, even more important, the electric assist makes light work of the hills encountered in Dalby forest. 


For additional information about bike hire, our models, or to discuss your requirements with a member of our team, contact us today on 01751 460585 or email with your full name, adapted bike of interest and best contact number. 
Rob or Pete will call you back to discuss your requirements and to enruse we get you the best bike for you, and others in your party. 
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