Looking to master the Black Route or get some tips on nailing big drops? Maybe you’re just getting into mountain biking and you’d like some tips on the basics. Or perhaps you want to follow in the footsteps of Rachel Atherton, Tahnee Seagrave, or our very own Sally Wright? 
The upcoming mountain biking courses are a brilliant way for riders of absolutely any ability to develop skills, meet friends, get out in the forest and do something completely different. We want everyone to enjoy the tracks and trails, to share our passion for life on two wheels and to make this fantastic sport and pastime accessible to all. 
More than 400 people have already mastered their skills with us, and this may be because our courses not only provide some brilliant insights and training to get you riding with more confidence than ever, but they are also the perfect opportunity to get into the countryside and appreciate the beauty of cycling around Dalby Forest and the surrounding areas. 
All our courses are led by British Cycling qualified coaches with no more than eight riders in any group. And if you don’t have your own bike, we offer a 50% discount off the normal hire charge for course participants but please book early by phone to ensure a bike is available. 
So let’s look at what’s coming up over the next few months. These courses were hugely popular last year so we advise booking early by following the links below or by calling us on 01751 460585. 
Please note that all riders must wear a suitable helmet. No helmet – no ride. 
1.5hrs - £30pp plus booking fee 
This course will build your child's confidence whilst developing their skills and balance. The aim of the session is to give riders all the skills required to ride a bike with pedals independently. If your child doesn't have their own bike, one can be borrowed from us, free of charge. Book your session and then ring us to reserve a bike - we will need your child's age and height. 
The course has a ratio of one instructor for every two children. 
This course is running every month from March - September. 
2.5hrs - £25pp plus booking fee 
Calling all little legends and aspiring off-road riders! 
If your son or daughter is between 7 - 10 years old and they want to be ripping it up on the trails with the big kids, then this is their chance. With more skills and confidence, it will take their riding with you and the family to another level! 
Our mini riders course will teach them the fundamentals of off-road riding and see them progress onto some of the trails here at Dalby. Start your youngster off with the correct techniques to master rocks and mud with instruction and games along the way. 
This course is running in June and August. 
2.5 hours - £25pp plus booking fee 
Our Young Riders courses are designed to be fun and challenge all abilities, aged 10 to 16 years. Our course for young riders is designed to give them the correct methods to develop their riding, from basics to more advanced techniques. The course will focus on those skills required to ride the red course effectively, keeping flow and making their riding more enjoyable. 
This course is running in April, May, July and September. 
2.5hrs - £40pp plus booking fee 
Our women-only courses are perfect for female mountain bikers who want to learn the basic skills in a relaxed and friendly all-female environment. 
This is one of our most popular courses, teaching you the fundamentals of mountain biking: body position, effective braking and gear selection, climbing and descending with confidence. A mixture of technique coaching and building your skills on the trails under the instruction of our brilliant coaches. 
This course is running every month from April - September. 
2.5hrs - £45pp plus booking fee 
Maybe you enjoy Mountain Biking but want to develop your 'single-track' skills 
to let you flow around the Red Route and master its tricky sections with rocks, drops 
and steps. 
This training course will focus on those ascents and descents on the red trail; you’ll master techniques including weight shift and attack position to develop that essential flow on the trail. 
This course is running every month from April - September. 
2.5hrs - £50pp plus booking fee 
Based at Dixons Hollow and Adderstone Field, this course is a great introduction to getting your bike airborne to clear jumps and trail features. This course is open to all riders aged over 14 years and is recommended for riders with an intermediate or above level of skill. 
This course is running every month from April - September. 
2.5hrs - £40pp plus booking fee 
Master mountain bike fundamentals with our core skills course; a must for those new to mountain biking or the more experienced rider wanting to learn the building blocks for skill acquisition. Learn about weight shift, cornering, and front and rear wheel lifts with our coaches who will be working with you to dial in good technique to get the most from your riding. 
This course is running every month from April - September. 
6 hours - £135pp plus booking fee 
Enduro is popular with all levels of rider and those that like the sense of competition more so when it's trail style orientated. 
This brand new course offers a full day with a British Cycling coach. After an initial briefing and skills assessment, your coach will be working with you to develop your ability for speed on steep terrain. The course will be pushing black-grade trails in a small group of 4 riders (maximum). 
When the trail gets steep, you’ll go faster! 
This course is running every month from April - September. 
If you have any questions please call Micky or Adam at the Dalby Forest Cycle Hub on 01751 460585. 
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