A cracking day at Dalby Forest on the weekend saw the volunteers from SingletrAction working on section six of the red route. This involved realigning a short section of trail, a task that was started last month and completed this month. 
Plenty of vegetation was cut back and lots of drainage cleaned out ready for the winter. Thanks to everyone who turned up and grafted hard all day, including new volunteers James, Harry and Will. The full turnout was Jeremy, Mark, Vic, Sam, James, Harry and Will, as well as organiser Steve. 
SingletrAction brings together MTB fans to help to maintain the tracks that give us so much enjoyment. The Forestry Commission are able to support with materials and equipment but more volunteers are needed to bring the trails up the standards required to ensure they are as safe and as fun as they can be. 
Next month they will be challenging themselves with some rockwork to Vera Lynn. Look out for the event posted on their Facebook page
It helps the organisers if volunteers confirm their intention to attend by confirming they are “going” on the event. 
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